Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crop Circle Secrets Revealed

[Nice website. Go the the website and read more. It will convince you that cropcircles are not created magically in minutes by spaceships....]

Last Update: Thursday 28 February, 2013
Crop Circle Wisdom at one time believed that crop circles were the creation by Aliens and by other Paranormal means. We were pulled in by the phenomenon through its mysterious grip and the authors of many books, DVDs and respected names within. So we embarked on a journey  to seek knowledge, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, research,discovery and that fated word ' The Truth '.  We experimented in various ways, ways where we attempted interaction with an Entity which we strongly believe responded in a way which many will find as uncomprehending.
Such interaction and the many sightings strengthened our belief that all crop circles were created by such entities which encouraged us to dig even deeper until such time where slowly but surely other dark knowledge held within the minds of men soon begun to reveal  the real secrets of Wiltshire.

What we discovered will only be recognized by a select few simply because our discoveries will be masked and ridiculed by the ones who have controlled the phenomenon for decades, by the ones who don't want to lose their dignity and credibility by admitting that they knew all along that they created a deceptive  illusion in order to keep a magical mystery alive and self gratification, it is them who are also controlling you. We all need to believe in something that's for sure because it does give us hope and inspiration but at what price to your own spiritual well being ? . Does enlightenment come to you through the tricks of men or does it touch your soul through factual knowledge ?  

Some will find it hard to accept that there is an actual mystery or a phenomenon but its not what you may wish for or think it to be or wish to understand or even to comprehend. Crop circles are created by very talented human artists who feel inspired and connected with their art and the spirit of the historic landscape. I speak only for a handful of such artists ( and they know who they are) as they may or may not know that they have a special gift where they are also interacting with an entity who observes and may help to create through consciousness rather than through physical means. The art that these artists produce may indeed be something very special and informative and could be a symbolic language between us and the entity which is in jeopardy of not being recognized as so. We are not referring to amateur creators of Spirograph patterns but there again I suppose its good practice for them as they will become the future generation of circle makers.

Circle making is an illegal act unless permission is granted by the farmer hence the circle makers create their art in the dead of night where they can slip away unnoticed and of course remain anonymous but sadly individual circle makers who deserve credit, never receive credit or credibility for what they do by you the public as crop circles are made by paranormal entities - right !!?

Circle makers have demonstrated that in some cases they will take curious tourists along with them to create beautiful formations, don't be afraid to ask around if you are one of the curious ones but one warning your bubble of belief will burst as you will see for yourself the flocks of believers, the tourists and the theories pouring in few days later. Your eyes will also open when you yourself will find plant anomalies within a crop circle which you helped to create - simple botany Mr. Holms !

Believe in what you want to believe as long as an experience is yours at a personal level where you know that your eyes and mind have not fooled you and always keep in mind that man has the ability to be very creative as well as deceptive. Let any influence be your own and allow the light of truth and wisdom to enter your  immortal spirit. God Bless.  

PLEASE CONSIDER THIS:  It is a FACT that HUMAN CIRCLE MAKERS have inadvertently attracted an observing entity !


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Metaphysical Blog

I decided it was better to have several blogs with different themes rather than one blog with lots of themes. And since I needed to start all over when yahoo deleted my blog... Oh, well.